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1991 by Activision



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A game that lets "go anywhere, do anything!" The 3D world is very large, and you can get around just about any way you want. Walking, driving, swimming, flying, boating, etc. You can do just about "anything." Put on disguises, bother civilians, blow tanks up, blow people up, blow trees up... BLOW SHIT UP!

Take missions, wander around, fill your inventory with useless junk, enter any structure (except tents. They're off limits for no apparent reason). Kill bad dudes and complete mission objectives to earn cash-money and be rich. Or, you can crash a stolen helicopter into some kid's face and be a poor man.. It's your choice, really.

Of course, this is a "realistic" game, so be sure to carry around plenty of extra fuel, bullets, and medical supplies. Also, don't swim for too many miles or you will drown. The day turns to night, and night to day. It's hard to get stuff done at night time unless you have the right supplies.

Birds fly around and call out with loud, alarm-like squeels. Better figure out how to blow 'em up.

You are a lone soldier in the resistance. You will get lonely, and you will soon tire of the amount of time and distance between each opportunity to blow shit up. Alas, such is the life of a hunter.
March 9, 2007

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