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Ninja Rabbits


1991 by MicroValue


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Ninja Rabbits is a side scrolling beat-em-up, not dissimilar to that which could be found in the arcades in the 80s.

Game objectives are simple. You play a ninja rabbit and must fight your way past a myriad of mutated animals and people to find the source of a deadly chemical leak. The gfx are above average for the ST mixing detailed humerous sprites with plenty of blood. However, sound fx are extremely poor and the gameplay sluggish, and ultimately, it is this sluggish gameplay which badly lets the game down. The game also tends to get very repetitive quickly with little new to demand your attention. 'Play Again' value is therefore low.

With a little more effort, this game could have been so much more - still it was a budget release!

Verdict: Poor/Average - this represents something of a missed opportunity . Smiley
August 10, 2005

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