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New book from Micro - 68000: Power Without The Price

June 11, 2024 by muguk

News illustration image 68000: Power Without the Price. Crowdfunding from 8-30 June 2024.

A new exciting non-fiction book by Marco Breddin is in the making. This time we travel back to the split of Tramiel and Commodore, follow the founding of the Atari Corporation behind the scenes and explore what made Atari’s ST computer series so special.

We speak exclusively with former Atari employees, a wide range of programmers and artists, and deliver a retrospective 400-page work with fresh thoughts, data, facts and stories about the 68000 computer revolution.

“As one of two expansions to The Flame Wars, the next 68000 anniversary book provides a detailed account of the core competences of Atari's 16/32-bit ecosystem and reconstructs the evolution to market dominance in the 1980s. The competition for the only 68000 system characterised this home computer era like nothing else. We will turn back the clock, breathe in the golden silicon era and report first-hand as to what happened in the Atari labs before and after CES 1984.”

If you are interested: please support the project!

The Airlock Collection - 7 new text adventures released!

July 21, 2023 by muguk

This collection contains polished post-jam releases of some of the games that were entered in Punyjam #3, which was held in February of 2023. A jam means the authors have a limited time in which to finish their game, so the games often lack a bit of polish. The authors of the games in this collection all spent some time after the jam, reading through the feedback they got from the judges and improving their games, while also making sure their games run as smooth as possible on 8-bit platforms.
The rules of the jam required all games to start in or next to an airlock. The authors came up with clever stories around this premise.

You can download all seven of these adventures for your Atari ST (and all the other platforms) in a single 17MB .ZIP file from the Airlock website.

They won't be added to the AL database just yet as we'd prefer you visit their website to appreciate the work by the various game authors.

Interviews with STOS Legends

October 28, 2022 by ST Graveyard

2 new interviews have been added to the database this week. Tony Greenwood, the founder of STOSSER diskmagazine and the coder of the STOS game H.E.R.O., and Deano Shaples, of STOS adventure creator and Silly Software fame. 

New section on the site: magazines!

September 25, 2022 by LynXX

News illustration image A new Magazines section has been added on Atari Legend! We will be slowly populating the database and linking the magazines to game reviews (including scores) and developer interviews. When checking out a game, you will be able to read all the magazine reviews at the time to get a full picture on how it was received.

We rely on archive.org providing the magazine as a way to safely store them on the long term and make them available more generally, outside of Atari Legend. If you posses magazine collections, please consider scanning them and uploading them there!

Bitmap Soft releases definitive collection of DROID

November 13, 2021 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image After the release of the video a few months ago, Bitmap Soft is now ready to do the announcement. A beautiful boxed definitive edition of the MP Lord classic Droid will be released in time for Christmas. This release will contain the original ST Format release, the STe enhanced version by Jamie Hamshere and a final version of Droid 2, with a few bug fixes done by Miles Lord himself. And of course, as in true Bitmap Soft tradition, some extras like a nice booklet with author notes and more.

If you want a boxed ST game underneath your christmas tree, you can pre-order here.

From my side, I hope to release a 'making of' video and company profile video on the AL TV channel in the coming weeks.

And friends, there is more to come in 2022!


Listen to your favorite game music on the site

August 23, 2021 by LynXX

Game pages now feature game tunes! Checkout the music player on the right side of Turrican for example.

The player has been added some time back but it took a while to associate each tune with each game. The music comes from the SNDH archive and the recordings are gracefully provided by sndhrecord.atari.org (Thanks Adam!). Check out this site to listen to a lot of other non-games tunes (demos, etc.)

Enjoy the sound, and let us know if you spot any mistakes!

Screenshot of Spy Who Loved Me, The
Random review

Next the game is turned into a shoot 'em up very much in the vain of Xenon 2. The Lotus has gone aquatic and at a pretty slow pace you must fight your way through divers and other submarines. This is a hard level. Make sure to get the upgrades scattered around the level. Things like side shots, torpedos and laser beams are a must to progress.

August 18, 2018 by ST Graveyard

Read the review of Spy Who Loved Me, The

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The name "Atari" comes from a move in the ancient game of Go, a favorite of founder Nolan Bushnell.

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