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[Xmas countdown] Day 5: Who can help the Mindfighter?

December 5, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image After a lot of releases by Elite, this is Atari Legend's turn to bring you a new game: Mindfighter. In fact, as mentioned before, both teams joined for the Advent Calendar, so it does not really matter. This is another cross-release.

Today, we offer Mindfighter, an adventure game by Abstract Concept. Although the game is not rare, it has been patched by the FCG: it's now compatible with Falcon 030, but you can run it on a standard ST, of course. It can also be launched from a hard drive.

In the archive, you will find the MSA version and the files version.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow for another rare item.

Download Mindfighter.

[Xmas countdown] Day 4 : Twice the fun

December 4, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image We're back again. And today it is twice the fun. First Elite presents you the rare educational game Construction Company - Beta Version. You can download the game here.

If you're not into building things, we have taken a closer look at the last release by Thomas Ilg, Frogs. A lot has been said about this game, so I couldn't resist to share my thoughts. To spice things up, I added a little bit of history and a mini interview to the review.

[Xmas countdown] Day 3: time to eat some delicious cholocates

December 3, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image As promised, here is our third gift of the Advent Calendar. This time, this is a rare game by AVNI Inc and Atari that Marcer found in his basket. It's named Chocolate Factory and if you think the goal is to prepare chocolate and manage a factory... you're totally right!

The intro was coded by our friend Jace of ST Knights in 2005, while Evil of DHS made the demosystem. Fonts were drawn by Dieu of HMD and guess what? The great new logo was created by STS of Elite (yes, ST Survivor is a member of the team!).

Enjoy and don't forget to come back tomorrow to collect another pure gem before christmas.

Download Chocolate Factory.

[Xmas countdown] Day 2: Dominion is yours

December 2, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image Second day, second game. This time, Elite and Atari Legend bring you Dominion, an unfinished game by Core Design.

Yes, the company behind famous hits such as Car-Vup, Rick Dangerous and Switchblade planned to release a tetris-like game in 1992. But for an unknown reason, it was never published.

Fortunately, a prototype was done. Although it lacks music, the game is fully playable. That's the version we offer to download today. Last but not least: if you like (or hate?) the game, don't hesitate to leave a comment on the game details page or on our Facebook page. See you tomorrow for another gift.

Download Dominion by Core Design.

[Xmas countdown] Day 1: Brenarvious is available for download

December 1, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image Christmas is coming! Elite and Atari Legend wanted to celebrate the event with a big bang. As a result, both groups teamed up to create a great advent calendar. So this year, we will offer you an unreleased or a very rare game each day.

Today Elite brings you the game Brenarvious - Aaron 2 by Top Byte. An incredible intro was coded by !Cube, who also composed a fresh, new tune. Also Prowler has drawn a great new logo for Elite. And the whole thing really rocks!

Greetings are also sent to everyone who took part in this event, especially to Mug UK who suppilied the game, and Marcer who released a great new disk!

The disk can be downloaded here. Enjoy and come back tomorrow to discover another treasure on the advent calendar!

r0x zero is out and you can download it here

November 5, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image The Silly Venture recently held in Gdansk, Poland. This year, games of very high quality have been unveiled. Among them is the amazing r0x zero, which took first place. While we recently reviewed it (you can read the full review here), the author allowed us to distribute the full game on the site.
So here we go! You can download r0x zero in both formats:
- files format for use on hard drive
- MSA format for use directly on emulator

Also here are the requirement to play:
- STe machine
- 1 MB
- Jagpad (indispensable!)

Now let's play and don't hesitate to leave a comment on the game details page, on Facebook, on Demozoo, etc.

Screenshot of Space Quest III - The Pirates Of Pestulon
Random review

The adventure game market of the late eighties was saturated with, dull second rate entertainment. This was quickly exploited by companies like Lucasfilm (later changed its name to LucasArts), whose introduction of a mouse driven 'point and click' system- soon saw the demise of old fashioned adventuring altogether.

March 15, 2005 by indigo

Read the review of Space Quest III - The Pirates Of Pestulon

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