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Special 9th Advent day release: UDS' source code collection!

December 9, 2018 by muguk

News illustration image This is something that's a little bit out of the ordinary for today's Advent release: a collection of source code from one of the colder parts of Europe, Unique Developments Sweden (UDS).

UDS was the development team that created both Obsession and Substation for our Fuji-machines back in the day.

We interviewed Tord Jansson (of UDS) earlier this year. Click here to read that interview if you're interested in some of the history of UDS - from their early days doing STOS demos through to coding the excellent titles above.

This .ZIP is full of source code (in both assembly language and STOS) but it also contains other items, such as the music modules from their demos and games too. It really is a smörgåsbord of coding delights!

Far be it from me to spill the beans and tell you all what's inside this little 3.7MB ZIP file, you will just have to download it yourself and dive in! (There is a README file which gives you a few clues as to what's inside).

Don't forget to set your Google Translate options first though, as a lot of the comments will (naturally) be in Swedish Smiley

[Xmas countdown] Day 8: Zork Solid Gold edition

December 8, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image On this 8th day we bring you Zork : Solid Gold edition by Infocom. Fixed by CB. This rare version of the game has a new parser and a built in hint system.

From Mobygames : "Zork: The Great Underground Empire is a classic text adventure game. The player begins as an "adventurer" standing near a white house in a nice forest, but soon descends into the Great Underground Empire, where most of the game takes place. The player's quest is to collect the Nineteen Treasures of Zork.

As was typical for adventure games of its era, Zork does not use graphics. Instead, it communicates with the player via text, and the player interacts with the game by typing commands, such as "examine mailbox" or "take torch". For movement, the player types in geographical directions (such as "north" or "east" - or just "n" and "e"Smiley, and can check what items are being carried with the "inventory" command (or just "i"Smiley.

The game was adapted from a larger mainframe version from the late 1970s, and is one of the first examples of its genre.

Download Zork : Solid Gold edition

[Xmas countdown] Day 7: Ultima V

December 7, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image The countdown to Christmas continues. Today, we are happy to present a super famous game: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. This is the "penultimate" (no pun intended?) volume of the series on the Atari ST and it came out in 1989. It is also considered one of the best in the series.

This version has been patched by the FCG to work on hard drive. It also works on most of the configurations (it's even supported by the Falcon 030). It also features the runes alphabet patch. It's time to shut up and let you download the game. See you tomorrow!

Download Ultima 5 - Warriors of Destiny

[Xmas countdown] Day 6: Rings of Zilfin

December 6, 2018 by muguk

News illustration image It's release #6 of our Atari Legend Advent Calendar and we bring you another of FGC's releases. This time it's Rings of Zilfin.
It was supplied by Alex/ICS and is one of the earlier SSI adventure games that they converted from the original 8-bit release version back in 1986.

MobyGames said this about the game: "Rings of Zilfin is an unusual, but relatively unknown early fantasy solo RPG by Ali N. Atabek, who went on to create the Magic Candle series. It was meant for beginners to computer RPGs, featuring no character creation, simple game play and movie-like cut scenes, concentrating more on atmosphere than on character stats."

Download Rings of Zilfin by SSI

The download above has both an MSA version (which needs to be run from the desktop) and the files version which can be copied across to your hard-drive. Naturally, it's been fixed for Falcon030 as part of CB's work on this release Smiley


[Xmas countdown] Day 5: Who can help the Mindfighter?

December 5, 2018 by Brume

News illustration image After a lot of releases by Elite, this is Atari Legend's turn to bring you a new game: Mindfighter. In fact, as mentioned before, both teams joined for the Advent Calendar, so it does not really matter. This is another cross-release.

Today, we offer Mindfighter, an adventure game by Abstract Concept. Although the game is not rare, it has been patched by the FCG: it's now compatible with Falcon 030, but you can run it on a standard ST, of course. It can also be launched from a hard drive.

In the archive, you will find the MSA version and the files version.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow for another rare item.

Download Mindfighter.

[Xmas countdown] Day 4 : Twice the fun

December 4, 2018 by ST Graveyard

News illustration image We're back again. And today it is twice the fun. First Elite presents you the rare educational game Construction Company - Beta Version. You can download the game here.

If you're not into building things, we have taken a closer look at the last release by Thomas Ilg, Frogs. A lot has been said about this game, so I couldn't resist to share my thoughts. To spice things up, I added a little bit of history and a mini interview to the review.

Screenshot of Battlehawks 1942
Random review

This is a game with a high nostalgic value, but if you're after a good WWII simulation I would rather recommend "Their Finest Hour" instead, it's way better! Don't get me wrong, "Battlehawks 1942" is a good game, but seriously dated.

December 28, 2001 by ST Graveyard

Read the review of Battlehawks 1942

Did you know?

The creator of the ST was a guy named Shiraz Shivji, who was also the main engineer behind the Commodore 64.

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