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Picture of Tord Jansson
Random interview

Tord Jansson was one of the programmers at the amazing Unique Developments Sweden. He helped to create 2 of the most iconic games during the final years of the ST's lifespan, Obsession and Substation. Tord was a member of UDS from the very beginning, up until its demise. During the years, Tord did not only work on ST games, he was also programmer and project lead on numerous other big budget titles for many systems. You want to learn more about the history of the company that pushed the boundaries of the STe? Or ever wondered who created the fastest tracker player in the ST demo scene? Look no further...

June 28, 2018 by ST Graveyard

Picture of Oskar Burman
Random interview

Oskar Burman has had a lifelong vision of creating virtual worlds. In 2016, he made this dream come true by starting his own VR exclusive game company Fast Travel Games. Since February 2018 their first release, called Apex Construct, is available to the public. Before his endeavours with virtual reality goggles, Oskar Burman was head of Rovio studios where he was responsible for Angry Birds 2. He has played an important role in the creation of games like Just Cause 2, Battlefield : Heroes and Ignition, to name a few. But it is the very beginning of this man's carreer that is of most interest to us Atari ST fans. You see, Oskar was a member of Unique Developments Sweden, where he created the very first FPS game for the Atari ST ... Substation!

August 31, 2018 by ST Graveyard


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