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1994 by Unique Development Sweden


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Tord Jansson was one of the programmers at the amazing Unique Developments Sweden. He helped to create 2 of the most iconic games during the final years of the ST's lifespan, Obsession and Substation. Tord was a member of UDS from the very beginning, up until its demise. During the years, Tord did not only work on ST games, he was also programmer and project lead on numerous other big budget titles for many systems. You want to learn more about the history of the company that pushed the boundaries of the STe? Or ever wondered who created the fastest tracker player in the ST demo scene? Look no further...

June 28, 2018 by ST Graveyard

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The weird shapes in the upper-left of the front boxscan displayed here, is actually a misprinted text (the game slogan with all letters overlapping). Some boxes had a different design and the slogan printed correctly.
November 26, 2018
Super !
September 9, 2018
Absolutely great effort by swedish atari sceners! I have recently discovered a fansite.
October 15, 2006
As one of the developers of this game (I made the soundsystem, main menu, loading screen and copy protection) I thought I'd just add my two cents:

1. I noticed that only the demoversion is available. Feel free to add the full version if you like, nobody will mind. UDS had all the rights and went belly up a few years ago and I'm pretty sure the rights to this title never was bought by anyone at the following auction (would be surprised if the lawyers handling it could find any kind of paper stating that UDS owned this old game, so I cant se how it could have been sold), essentially making it public domain as far as I can understand since nobody can claim ownership. I can also guarantee that nobody associated with the company back then would mind, we all get a warm fuzzy feeling when somebody actually remembers or plays it today. Smiley

2. I might still have some of the old sourcecode or material lying around if somebody would be interested.

3. I still know how to fix one or two crash-bugs that slipped in. We found and fixed them when we made the Amiga version.

4. Amiga version should also be public domain today, nobody is longer able to say that they own it. I owned the company that made the conversion and I hereby guarantee that I won't mind whatever anybody would like to do with it.

5. I recently realized that an ST-version should have been possible. 45% of the CPU time was used for the music, that should be enough for making a lower frequency (8 kHz?) YM2149 tracker player. Sync-scrolling could most likely have been used instead of hardware scrolling. The 16 extra pixels from the left border would have to go which would need some changes of graphics code, but nothing major. Blitter was used, but could as well have been skipped with no drop in framerate. Colours would be slightly less vibrant, but nothing major.

It was really fun to find this page and all nice comments about Obsession! Thanks everybody, you just made my day! Smiley
August 24, 2006
Ace pinball game for STe!
Works also on Falcon Smiley
November 30, 2005
ST Graveyard
My first experience with a computer pinbal game was in 1994 - playing Pinball Fantasies on the PC. I always wanted such a game on the ST. Unique Developments Sweden pulled it off. They did the thing that I thought was not possible on an STe.

I remember playing the demo on an ST Format coverdisc. When I saw the intro screens I was already excited. But when I finally saw the actual game itself (combined with the beautifull MOD music) my jaw dropped to the floor. I was in extasy. From that point on I played the demo over and over. Finally I got myself the game!

Obsession is one of my altime favorite STe games. It's beautifull to look at (superb graphics, silky smooth scrolling) and the gameplay is very fun and addictive.
June 12, 2004
Silver Surfer
Very nice STE game, this was the debut release for Swedish developers UDS at the end of the STs commercial life span and was later followed by another STE game - Substation.
April 9, 2004

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