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Let's take a history class and delve deep into the past of Atari Legend. Or maybe you are curious and want to take a peak at what is still to come? Who are the people behind this project? Or maybe you feel like helping out? Check out this section. Learn more about Atari Legend

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The definite Atari hardware book

March 9, 2004 by Gryzor

News illustration image Hello people... I just wanted to post something, so here it is: I have started work on what I hope will be the ultimate collection of hardware tips and stuff for the Atari series. Right now dealing mostly with the ST series, but maybe it will expand to all other Ataris as well. What I'd like to ask you for is any tips you think should be included... get in touch with me: gryzor-at-gryzor-dot-info !

Link: http://www.atari-forum.com/ftopic2186.html

Open for business

March 7, 2004 by ST Graveyard

Welcome everybody! Finally after almost a year of hard work, the first results of our labor can be witnessed by the public. Atari Legend is a webproject by the people who brought you PaciGame, PaciDemo, AtariZone, Atari-Forum and The ST Graveyard! We were all fet up with updating all those HTML pages, so we have made something easy to use. And it is our intension to replace those sites in the future. We want to create one big community that has it all. Currently, only the games and links sections are available, and the games section is still in phase one. We are still filling the database with precious gaming info. But downloads and other multimedia will soon follow! So stay tuned.

You might ask yourself, what have these guys been up to for a whole year? Well, Silver Surfer, DBG and myself have been analyzing and coding a complete control panel for this project. This way, other people can help us out filling the database with extended info! We think this is the only way to create an up to date, living community. It was only during the last 3 months that we actually designed and coded this website! Brume on the other hand has secretly gathered an army of people, and they have been busy searching for all those rare and missing games over the past months. Lots of hidden treasures have already been uncovered, and they will be available really soon. So make sure to check out the front porch regularly as we will announce it all in here!

Don't hesitate to use the forum! We really want to know what you, the visitor, thinks of this site, our ideas ... And we like to know what you people want to see in the future. Your input is very much appreciated. That is what keeps us going!

That is it for now! We hope you enjoy the Website.

The future of the Atari ST scene is looking really bright!

- The AL Team!

Screenshot of Chubby Gristle
Random review

Teque have created some cracking games, over the years. For the ST, they produced Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters, handled the port of the sensational Laser Squad and produced the RPG, Shadowlands. Back near the dawn of time, during the 8-bit days, and when Teque were just part of Gremlin Graphics (and not actually called "Teque"Smiley this is the team that gave us Trailblazer, Bounder, and who practically defined the platform and ladders arcade adventure with the Monty Mole series.

March 31, 2005 by JamesRC

Read the review of Chubby Gristle

Did you know?

What does ST stand for? Some people believe it is an abbreviation of "Sam Tramiel", head of Atari. Others say it is short for "16 32", cause the ST was the first in a line of 16 - 32 bit computers by Atari!

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