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Latest News

Saint v1.70

July 19, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image According to Leonard, here are the new features of the emulator:

* MFP emulation core totally re-written ! Now support cycle accurate reading ( Overscan Demos by Paulo Simoes )
* "Line disabling" technic emulated ( Overscan demos by Paulo Simoes )
* "StopLine" fixed ( B.I.G demo by TEX low border fixed )
* Fixed STE DAC monos sound bug (quality improved !, try BrainDamage Demo sound!)
* SainT does not take 99% of CPU when running in background in windowed mode.
* Fixed cycle timing when reading in FC00 ( thanks to Paulo Simoes )
* Low border adds now 45 graphics lines instead of 43

We have tested the Overscan Demos, they work fine! Also the music of Braindamage sounds very good, despite of some issues with the display.

Go to Leonard website to get SainT v1.70.

DragonFlight is here!

July 16, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image DragonFlight is a mythic game made by Thalion (the first one!). Until today, it was unplayable with emulator because of the protection used. Also it has never been cracked, so only the lucky owner of the original game could play it.

The game has been finally published on Thalion group! This version has been redone by Udo Fischer, the main coder of the game, also known under the nickname of -me- into the famous crew The EXceptions. Thanks to him! Only both intros seems to be missing (the one with the Thalion logo, and the other with the red dragon). All other parts of the game are here.
DragonFlight now works with Steem 3.1 and 2MB of RAM. Use following instruction to run the game:

How to play this version with Steem:
- install Steem V3.1 or higher (if available)
- use a TOS version 1.04 or higher
- select at least 2 MB memory!
- select colour monitor
- unzip the file to a folder of your name
- mount this folder as drive E: inside of Steem
- select DRAGON_D.PRG (deutsch/german), DRAGON_E.PRG (english) or DRAGON_F.PRG (francais/french) to start playing

. Download [url=../newsattach/Dragonflight]DragonFlight for Steem 3.1[/url] (may work with a real machine).
. Visit Thalion webshrine for more information about the game.
. Discuss on the forum about installation issues and various topics.

BSW 99 updated

July 16, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image There was a slighty bug with BSW #99 uploaded three days ago: both keys were inverted. Here is an update. Thanks to Lotek Style for having found the issue and TheByte for having corrected it.

Download BSW #99 updated.

Two new menus of Blue SoftWare!

July 13, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Ten years after the last release of BSW DCD #98, two compilations have just coming to be published.
- BSW DCD #80v2 features 10 demos by crews such as Fingerbobs, Synergy and YM Rockerz.
- BSW DCD #99 offers productions by TSCC, MJJ-Prod, YM Rockerz and Paradize. Nothing new but good demos are there!
Thanks to TheByte for releasing these compilations. We all are hoping for the 100th issue ;-)

Grab BSW DCD #80v2 and BSW DCD #99.

Zak Hacks #31 released

July 12, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Looks like Grazey works hard on converting musics into SNDH format. He just comes to release Zak Hack #31. It features 31 Composers, 118 SNDH files and 302 individual tunes. It includes musics by the following people:
• Max • Andi McGinty • Jon Medek • Mephisto • Miq • Modmate • Karsten Obarski • Outlander • Oz • Jason Page • Patrick Phelan • Jurgen Piscol • Powapixel • Donovan Prince • Nigel Prichard • Ralph Rudzki • Redzone • Rhino • Riff • Robert Demming • Dave Rogers • Paul Rowbotham • Sally • Skyline • Scy • Justin Scharvona • Chris Scudds • Andy Severn • Shaft • Paul Shields • Sonic •

Go on PHF Website to download this new archive.

Latest Game Comments

July 1, 2004 by ST Graveyard


It is now possible to check out the latest game comments. Just go to the games section and click the appropriate link at the main page.

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Screenshot of Blues Brothers, The
Random review

The best part of this game is its fantastic 2 player mode. I’ve had hours of fun as a kid playing this with friends. Both players play simultaneously, but the camera only follows player one. This can be a pain in the ass sometimes, especially with the flip screen, but playing as a team has never been more fun.

November 17, 2017 by ST Graveyard

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The name "Atari" comes from a move in the ancient game of Go, a favorite of founder Nolan Bushnell.

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