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Latest News

MSA Converter v2.1 available

August 2, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Our favorite converter/handler of ST images is just coming to be updated. Here is what Zorg writes:

Bugs fixed:
. Fixed MSA conversion which was broken
. Fixed ST files track number detection which was broken too

. Possibility to choose the format of the destination file name and of the zip file name in the options window

. Added filesize control during Explorer->Disk image transfert to avoid loading huge files in memory for nothing
. Updated Zipforge component to version 2.55. The program is now smaller

Greets, nice updates! Go on MSA Converter Website to get latest version!

Klapauzius disk 8

August 1, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Klapauzius is back on the scene! He is just coming to upload 8th issue, affter releasing issues 1 (new disk!), issue 2 (new version) and 15 (new version, too) some weeks ago.
Klapauzius compilations are brilliant disks because all games are fully cracked (mainly by old crews) and perfectly trained and packed (by Klapauzius himself). And last but not least, all games are patched in order to work on any TOS!
Klapauzius CD 8 contains the games:
- Dizzy Wizard (full version) (+trainer)
- Leviathan (+trainer, +high score saver)
- Star Wars (+trainer)
- Wizball (+trainer, +high score saver)
- Major Motion (+trainer)
- Welltris (+fix for TOS 2.X)
- docs/hits of all games available on the disk

Download [url=../newsattach/KCD008.ZIP]Klapauzius disk 8 version 1.0[/url].

Blue SoftWare: last 100th menu.

August 1, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Here is the last 100th menu by The Byte of BSW & TCE. We still don't know at the moment if he plans to release more issues after this one. We cross fingers ;-)
This new disk contains the following softwares:
- Heartland 2000
- SuperFly
- docs of Heartland 2000 and SuperFly (zipped)

So go on and grab [url=../newsattach/DCD_100C.ZIP]BSW DCD 100c[/url]!

Interview section online

July 30, 2004 by ST Graveyard

Hello everybody,

Even though the sun has been shining the past days and it is pretty hard to sit in front of a screen, it still is with great pleasure that we announce this new update. As you might have noticed, another button at the left side is now clickable! Yes, the interview section is up and running. At the moment there isn't that much in there, but keep on checking the site in the days to come for more interesting conversations with ST celebs!

Also, some of you might have noticed that the site has gotten a little cosmetic change. The width is now fixxxed. So everybody with a res higher than 1024*768 will be seeing the template borders. It might feel a bit weird, but give it a chance. Now everybody can witness the site alignment as it should be!

Enjoy it all! And make sure to let us know what you think at the Forum. Looking forward to reading you comments!


Hatari v0.50 is out

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Hatari, the famous Atari ST emulator for Linux, BSD, BeOS, Mac OS X (and other systems that are supported by the SDL library), has been updated. According to the author, here are the changes:

- A lot of internal code cleanup and bug fixes.
- Added a dialog for creating new blank floppy disk images.
- The source code has been optimized for better emulation speed.
- Added RS232 emulation (still very experimental and not very well tested! It seems not to work reliable yet. Help for debugging is very appreciated!).
- Some bugs in the 68000 emulation have been fixed.
- The emulator now checks for double bus errors and stops the emulation if necessary (instead of crashing the emulator).
- Timer-D is now patched correctly again.
- The old font has been replaced by two new fonts so that the GUI now looks better in high resolutions.
- The fonts are now linked into the executable.
- Added support for DIM floppy disk images

Download latest version of Hatari by visiting the official website.

Grazey's Zak Hacks #34

July 26, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Another week, another GZH released! This time it is mainly devoted to the brilliant composer nicknamed Scavenger (Joe De Man). It features also other great musicians, such as Frazer or Dma-SC. Here is what Grazey wrote:

Quality hits new levels with the SID sound master... Scavenger!
66 tunes grace this disk including Chipmon2 zaks never SNDH'-able(?!) before.
The scavenge director is awaiting.
Composers: • Baggio• Drax/Bodenstandig 2000 • Damo • Dma-SC • Dubmood • Frazer • Nemo • Frequent • Techno • Timbral • Scavenger

Enjoy GZH #34 on PHF website!

Screenshot of Battlehawks 1942
Random review

This is a game with a high nostalgic value, but if you're after a good WWII simulation I would rather recommend "Their Finest Hour" instead, it's way better! Don't get me wrong, "Battlehawks 1942" is a good game, but seriously dated.

December 28, 2001 by ST Graveyard

Read the review of Battlehawks 1942

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Epyx created a handheld system called the "Handy". It was purchased by Atari and renamed "Lynx".

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