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Latest News

MSA Converter 2.0

March 28, 2004 by Silver Surfer

News illustration image New features in version 2.0:

Bugs fixed:
- Crash on changing directory to an empty one when having some files selected
- Crash on deleting files/directory with bad FAT datas

- Graphic display of the state of the clusters
- Support of command line parameters
- 'configmsa' file replaced by 'msa_converter.ini' which stores more informations
- The state and the position of the explorer windows are now stored
- Can open disk images directly from ZIP archives

- Update of the explorer windows after a file transfer/save
- New icone
- Entirely remade convert window
- Updated ZIP component : ZipForge 2.51

The address has not been changed however : http://pageperso.aol.fr/ZORG63/index.html

Houba demo (preview) by Zuul

March 23, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Another day, another rare demo sent by Ken of Zuul! How could we thank him enough?.

This time we received the preview version of the Houba demo, probably the last Zuul project on Atari ST. This is a multipart demo and it contains mainly 3D objects. It was never finished since Stix - main coder - was working on a game at the same time. But it looks great, and the gfx are well drawn, too.

Since it was never finished, the demo has no end. Don't be scared if the last screen is black, so. For the non-french readers, 'Houba' is the only word spoken by a caracter named 'Marsupilami'. It was created by Franquin in the comic 'Le Journal de Spirou'.

Download the file here: http://pacidemo.planet-d.net/atarilegend/HOUBA.ZIP

Golden Age demo by Hysteria!

March 22, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image The Golden Age by the French crew named Hysteria was never released. It was mentioned shortly into the Evil screen in the Ventura demo (thanks to Lotek Style/TSCC for this information), but it hasn't actually reached our screens until today. Shame on us.

Fortunately Ken of Zuul sent some days ago a bunch of demos and... it includes most of the screens of the Golden Age! Keep in mind it has never released, so some screens aren't finished and the main loader crashes. Luckily they all work from the desktop. Thanks to Ken for this piece of treasure.

Just download the disk by clicking here: http://pacidemo.planet-d.net/atarilegend/GOLDAGE.ZIP

D-Bug 183 released

March 18, 2004 by Brume

News illustration image Less than a month after their latest release, the legendary D-Bug guys are back! This time they offer both games with docs:

- Realms of Reality
- Osmosis

And more revelant information: the main menu was coded by Cyrano Jones (aka The Law from Automation and BBC). It features a fullscreen with 512 colors and a big zoomer! As always Showaddywaddy compiled the whole menu and he packed/fixed the games.

Grab the whole disk here: http://pacidemo.planet-d.net/newdisks/DBUG183.ZIP

Gamebase ST Released!

March 14, 2004 by Silver Surfer

News illustration image Gamebase ST allows any game to be readily available to play in the emulator of your choice by just clicking on the game name, thus removing all the fuss of manually loading the emulator and game by hand. Gamebase ST's interface allows you to browse the games in your database. When you click a game, you get to see a two or more screenshots of the game in action, along with options to play the game and listen to the game's music. Various fields in a Gamebase database hold information on the games, such as Publisher, Year Published, Musician, Programmer, Genre, Number of players.


Steem v3.1 Released

March 13, 2004 by Steem Authors

News illustration image This is a bit sooner than intended but Steem v3.1 has been released. Mostly this version is here to fix a few small bugs that appeared in v3, but we fixed a few more old bugs while we were at it.

-- Emulation Bugs Fixed --
. Hard drive Pexec mode 4 bug (Devpac, Turbo Assembler).
. Hard drive double intercept bug.
. Hard drive seek bug (Spacola).
. Joystick fire when mouse enabled bug (Starglider).
. More unusual characters allowed in hard drive filenames.
. Fixed hard drive file times.
. Video address write bug (Ambition Demo, Apathetic Games).

-- Other Bugs Fixed --
. Fixed NT LPT port access slowdown.
. Fixed port repeating output byte when offline bug.
. Extract archive to hard drive folder bug fixed.
. Fixed hard drive problems with the Steem disk imager.

-- New Features --
. Take screenshot button

Download the update from the new Steem website URL http://steem.atari.st/ (thanks to Rich of LGD for the hosting, and Silver Surfer for the hosting and php stuff).

Screenshot of Erik
Random review

Erik is the knight in shining armour, a local hero, who armed with dagger weapon will save his land from the four evil guardians who have moved in. He is coated in traditional metal armour with a spiked helm. This is a vertically oriented platform game, which scrolls smoothy as you progress up or down.

August 17, 2005 by Sarek

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