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Did you know Atari Legend is fully responsive and mobile ready? You want this site to behave like an app on your phone or tablet? Simply open the site in your favorite browser and look for the 'Add to homescreen' button. In Safari on IOS, first press the 'share' icon, then the "Add to home screen" pop-up appears. In Chrome on Android, you press the button at the top right, and select 'add to homescreen'. Once you have done this, the famous Atari bee fits nicely on your homescreen and you can enjoy AL with the tap of a finger.


What do other people think of a certain game? You wanna learn more about a particular game? You came to the right place. Over here you'll find reviews of your favorite ST classics. If you feel inspired and you want to write something yourself, make sure to send your review to the Atari Legend team. And if it fits, we'll be happy to place it online. Enjoy the read! There are currently 125 reviews available in the Atari Legend database.

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Random interview

What? An interview with Yoda of the Marvellous V8? Unless you lived totally cut off from the world of cracking during the 80s and 90s, this group must at least ring a bell to you. The V8, who later moved on and co-created The Empire, is one of those very notorious names. Back in the day, this group managed to get all the latest games, even sometimes before they were officially released. The V8 was known to deliver quality. The person we will meet today is none other than one of the founders of the group and probably one of the most prolific pirates in the ST scene. In addition to hacking hundreds of games, Yoda also coded several intros as well as two demos. It is with great honor we present an interview with one of the most famous crackers on the Atari ST. Here we go!

April 14, 2019 by Brume

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Did you know?

What does ST stand for? Some people believe it is an abbreviation of "Sam Tramiel", head of Atari. Others say it is short for "16 32", cause the ST was the first in a line of 16 - 32 bit computers by Atari!

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