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NeepieLantern Continental Circus
A big fan of this one and it's a real challenge to get round the twisty Monaco track without clipping another car. One of the better racers
March 3, 2024
NeepieLantern Cocoons of Jusse, The
Another home brewed gem and reminds me of the old Thrust game on the Spectrum but it has a lot more to it than that game ever did and is very slickly programmed with functional graphics and nice old fashioned analogue chip sounds..
March 1, 2024
NeepieLantern Chase H.Q.
I always had a soft spot for this one and loved it on the Spectrum but it hasn't aged well and after playing the Arcade version on Mame it really doesn't compare very favourably but still a lot of fun trying to chase down the baddies before the time runs out
February 29, 2024
NeepieLantern Aventures De Carlos, Les
Wasn't sure what to expect from this one but it has fantastic sprite animations and really great colourful graphics make this a good platformer with a sense of humour mixed in too.
February 29, 2024
NeepieLantern Bug Spray
This is a clone of an old Spectrum game called PSSST which was made by legendary studio Ultimate Play the game. This isn't a bad attempt at copying it but the original has much better balanced gameplay
February 28, 2024
NeepieLantern Bug Bash
A real hidden gem of a game and some of the best graphics I've seen on the ST combined with great sounds and gameplay make for an excellent package
February 27, 2024
NeepieLantern Bubble Bobble
A timeless classic and one I will continue to play from time to time as it is just so good.
February 27, 2024
NeepieLantern Bomtris
Another Tetris game with some differnces of it's own that make it interesting and works very well. My only slight critisicm would be the lack of a high score table but that is my only gripe with this
February 26, 2024
NeepieLantern Bobo
A collection of quite imaginative and different mini-games which vary in their difficulty but they are all quite challengig to be honest or maybe just me. Good animations and sense of humour make this a good game with little lasting appeal
February 25, 2024
NeepieLantern Black Hornet
A good old fashioned vertically scrolling shoot em up with very good graphics but mind numbingly repetitive gameplay but is fun for a quick bit of mindless carnage and pretty explosions. Don't know if it is my emulator to blame (am using Hatari with HD) but am getting major slowdowns and speedups but might just be my setup to blame.
February 24, 2024


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Epyx created a handheld system called the "Handy". It was purchased by Atari and renamed "Lynx".

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