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1989 by Virgin Games
1991 by 16 Blitz Tronix
1991 by 16 Blitz Plus



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If you can get over the pretty poor graphics and the bad animation it's not actually too bad a game not brilliant by any means but still quite fun to play
March 24, 2024
The Paranoid
The game says it's from 1989, but it looks and plays like 1986. The potential of the Atari ST stays totally unused and the game is terribly boring.
March 5, 2006
I remember getting that game for my falcon just about the time mame was released. Well I can honestly say it was not a bad conversion, just not good. An average game in all respects. It doesn't have good scrolling and it is slow. But on the other hand it is faithful to the original. It's control's though are not very responsive.
July 27, 2005

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