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Zengobag Gunship
A little bit of info about this game.. Was NOT ST(E) compatible at first. I wanted to play it badly but I had an Atari STe.. Bought the game anyway as I know 6502/68000 assembly and I wanted to play it badly!!. Cracked the tools open and took the copy protection off first - the boot .prg - Made it quicker for me to get to the error..

Rebooted with my "fixed" .prg file without copy protection and the game booted fully. Surprised, I shut down and restarted and tried it again.. Gunship 2000 (NON STE) was working. Contacted Microprose and sent my fixed .PRG without the protection. That was the STE fix. Don't know if they used mine fix/findings or any other persons but it was great to look at a box that said "Not STE compatible" and play that same game on my STe.. I was well chuffed!!
November 27, 2023
An seafaring game that centred around trading and battles with pirates. It was a fun engine but after a while it felt like there wasn't much else to do.
October 15, 2023
Desty Fate Master
This short RPG was my favourite game on the ST, and quite replayable even though it was more of a linear visual novel than an open-world RPG. The atmosphere was quite immersive, with simple turn-based combat and an upgrade path for weapons.
October 15, 2023
Brume The Teller
Indeed! One of my favorite games on the Atari ST Smiley
It has pretty good graphics, tune is groovy and the game is fully playable... for hours!
July 24, 2023
La version ultime de Defender of the Crown.
Plus complète, plus complexe aussi, cette version est un véritable chef-d’œuvre et montre que, malgré des capacités inférieures à l'Amiga, bien programmé, l'Atari ST en a sacrément dans le ventre !
Bref, un must have !
July 15, 2023
steveyneo Wizard's Tower
Still trying to get anywhere in this game 30 years after playing it on my ST. There is a chest I can't open because I don't have the right key, and there is a door with no lock but with a slot instead, and I don't have any items that fit. I am carrying a pendant and it doesn't go in the slot. Help!
June 27, 2023
what part of the sndhrecord link was Bonanza Bros's ST OST in?
June 26, 2023
Hello! I am the developer of Cops and Robbers Too! and just wanted to add a few additional comments on this game!

It is a fun two player game in which one player plays the Robber and one player plays the Cop. Here are the full instructions:

As the robber, you must rob five banks while avoiding the cop.
To rob a bank, hold the fire button down while driving over a bank
crosswalk. After a few seconds the crosswalk will disappear, and you
have robbed a bank.

As the cop, you must seek and capture the robber before he robs the banks. Use the police radar to determine the robber's location.

Gas stations are found thoughout the city and will need to be
used when your gas runs low. Hold the fire button down and drive
over the crosswalk to get gas, then let go of the joystick. If you
move your joystick or when you are full of gas, the pump will stop.
Running out of gas will cause the car to move slow.

Various places in the city have shortcut roads. these are evident by
their light green color. The robber drives faster over shortcuts than
the cop.

Be carefull of oil slicks and greased railroad tracks, they make you
car slide.

F Faster Speeds up game play.
S Slower Slow down game play.
M Music Toggles music off and on.
Q Quit Quits the game, and returns to Menu.

Editing and Building Cities

When building and editing cities, there are two things to keep in
mind. 1)When building roads and bridges, avoid building them running
lengthwise along a grid line. 2)DO NOT build smaller roads and/or
shortcuts roads next to each other.

Use the joystick to select a position to build. Using the fire
button, adds a block to the city.

G Draws grid showing city block separation.
E Erases grid.
N Chooses nighttime colors.
D Chooses daytime colors.
Q Quit to main menu.
< > Selects character to build with.

To save and load cities select 'S' or 'L' from the main menu. Then,
enter the filename and make sure to enter '.MAP' at the end of the
city name.

Select 'C' from the main menu to create a map. A blank screen
will appear with two white blocks showing the starting positions of
the cop and robber. The cursor will also appear in the middle of the
screen as a white square. All editing features are the same as in the
edit mode.

REMEMBER, when you load or create a city the one in memory will be

Anyone with any memories of this or other Outland Quest Software games please share!!

-Kevin Scott
-Outland Quest Software
March 19, 2023
Brume Iron Lord
I remember waiting for this game for months, even years. The pictures in the magazines made me want to play it so much, but we had to be very patient.
And then one day, one of my contacts sent it to me among other games. This is the first game of the lot that I tried and I was really not disappointed.
Iron Lord is really worth it: this game is beautiful, user-friendly, very varied... There is a great adventure behind it all. When time permits, I really should write a full review on this magnificent game.
In short, it is a success on all counts. Love it!
March 8, 2023
Can't believe I let this pass me by back in the day, incredible graphics, great sound and very playable. One of the best 16bit tennis games.
January 21, 2023


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