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Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior

Barbarian - The Ultimate Warrior



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[no date] by Klassix
1987 Death Sword
1987 by Palace Software
1987 Death Sword - Maxx Out Series
2006 Death Sword - Modfied × 1



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ST Graveyard
Compared to what I've written in the review 4 years ago, this game does have music. Just press F9 during gameplay!

I've been playing this game for the past 20 years, and I never knew it had music Smiley
September 20, 2005
This game might just get the prize for being the goriest ever released for the ST. The now legendary 'flying neck chop' (aka the decapitation move) is truely brutal Smiley .

The gfx might only be average, but the use of sfx are exceptional. Whether its sword wielding metal to metal action or a sickening kick to the gut the choice of sound effect is always spot on.

The only minor quibble I have is that the game is too easy to complete. Every opponent can easily be beaten with the crouch hit move and after about level 7 opponents seem particularly susceptible to the 'flying neck chop'. Still, if you want a challenge see if you can complete the game by decapitating all your opponents!

verdict: A classic (if bloody) game.
August 6, 2005
Cool game Smiley I played this alot back when I got my STe Smiley
April 14, 2005
ST Graveyard
One of the best beat'em ups for the ST. This was a very controversial game! The decapatation move is a classic. Who can forget about this. The gameplay is super addictive and the 2 player mode is bliss!

This game was so funny. The headkickin' little ork is hilarious!

The sound samples you hear are from the movie "Red Sonya"!
June 29, 2004

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