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Ninja Mission


1987 by Mastertronic



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Ninja Mission is the conversion to the ST of the classic C64 game 'Ninja', and as such was never likely to be groundbreaking - and it certainy isn't. Indeed, little has changed from the C64 original it would appear save for jazzed up Gfx and improved sound fx and music.

As ever, your mission is to collect stolen idols by fighting your way to the top (and then back to the bottom) of a temple which is mapped out as a pyramid of rooms. All the standard martial arts moves are present and you can collect and throw weapons also. Simple Eh!

I personally enjoy this game, especially the music which must rank as one of the most memorable tunes of any ST game. However, when all is said and done Ninja Mission is still a game of simple charms that is most certainly not a heavyweight contender in the ST scene.

[Factoid: Despite the game being packaged as 'Ninja Mission', the disk is labelled 'Ninja' just like its C64 counterpart. Guess someone screwed up then!] Smiley

Verdict: A tarted up C64 game but still fun.
August 12, 2005

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