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1943 - The Battle of Midway


[no date] by Kixx
1987 by GO! (US Gold)
1988 by GO! (US Gold) × 1
1988 by CAPCOM U.S.A.


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This game is a straight ST port on amiga, and at this time 16 bits machines were not well handled yet.....

This game is piss poor Smiley music is a rubbish port from the coin-op and it's so slow........
May 29, 2009
One of the early 16 bit games. The companies didn't gave much attention to the 16 bit machines at that era as Spectrum and C64 were dominating Europe. It looks and feels like a NES game Smiley
At least is some fun for shooter addicts.

Graphics 5
Sound 5
Gameplay 6
Overall 5
July 26, 2006
Nice shoot'em up with mediocre graphics and less than poor sound. The game itself is quite enjoyable and as it was also sold as a budget title (my original is a budget version from Kixx) ok.
I really wonder why the Amiga version looked as simple as the ST one.
But graphics are not all - not as brilliant as the arcade version but IMHO enjoyable!
January 26, 2005
Your mission is to fly an old airplane, and shoot your way to the end bosses. while flying you will receive different kind of weapons, which will help you to shoot down your enemies. I must admit, it's quite hard gameplay for a novice. But don't forget to use your rolls, if it gets to messy on screen.

This is also one of the big classics from 8-bit computers. But i'm very sad about the sound of this game, it even sounds worse than the 8-bit versions.

I always wonder why those game companies forgot to work on the ym chip all the time. Otherwise, this game is okay to play. One of the more standard shoot'em ups.
December 6, 2004

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