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1986 v729.01
1986 v729.01
1986 by Microprose
1988 v729.01
1989 v729.02


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A little bit of info about this game.. Was NOT ST(E) compatible at first. I wanted to play it badly but I had an Atari STe.. Bought the game anyway as I know 6502/68000 assembly and I wanted to play it badly!!. Cracked the tools open and took the copy protection off first - the boot .prg - Made it quicker for me to get to the error..

Rebooted with my "fixed" .prg file without copy protection and the game booted fully. Surprised, I shut down and restarted and tried it again.. Gunship 2000 (NON STE) was working. Contacted Microprose and sent my fixed .PRG without the protection. That was the STE fix. Don't know if they used mine fix/findings or any other persons but it was great to look at a box that said "Not STE compatible" and play that same game on my STe.. I was well chuffed!!
November 27, 2023
ST Graveyard
I remember being really impressed by the intro of this game. The Apache helicopter that slowly rises on screen. Very cool.

I have spent many hours playing this flightsim. It was great, what you come to expect from Microprose. Shooting guided misiles at ground objects and seeing them explode, looking at the onboard screen was fun.

One of the few sims where landing was actually easy Smiley
September 10, 2004

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