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Elite as Claus

December 23, 2007 by Marcer

News illustration image Elite play Santa Claus again(?). This time, we bring you:

Zynaps - Multi-trained, score saver, 16MHz, Mega/ST/E/Falcon compatible, 512KB compatible, HD compatible *and* a quit option (CTRL-D).

All work by Ion Tichy! (what a beast!)

This title was fixed for Marcer by request. This title has been hacked and menu'd tons of times. But a real proper and trainer bla bla version was needed in the collection. Now it is!

Intro code by Wacko/Lynx


Lucia comes with some cookies

December 13, 2007 by Marcer

News illustration image There is an urgent waiting for the kids right now for Santa Claus. But we are lucky that Lucia has stopped by with some cookies for us in the meantime!

Atari Legend gives you:

Hamlet (English & German) - Chess Game (Color & Mono) + Works From HD
- Not tested due lack of (Water Damage). It *might* work on all TOS Systems.

And for all kid's parents:

Cookbook Vol 1. Color and Mono! - Klapauzius first AL Hack! Smiley
- Who needs Aunt Mary´s cooking advice when your Atari has the best ones? Not bad for a 20-year old piece of software Smiley

These are just small releases so we decided not to get them working on multiple systems. They may work on F030 etc, as they are Gem-based titles.

Anyway.. just teasers for now.

Included with the programs you get intros by MJJ Prod and music by Marcer.

Grab the small cookies here:

Cookbook Vol 1


Waiting for Xmas 2007

December 2, 2007 by Marcer

News illustration image An exclusive release here in a waiting for Xmas.

Elite gives you:

Stario´s Christmas - Trained & F030 Patched!
and if you are a bit cool, you may find another hidden option!

I must say this title seems only to have appeared on an Aktiv8 menu.
So we decided to give this pretty nice platformer a little scene push!

As well, we welcome our new member Ion Tichy!

Intro Code - Griff (f030 patched by Ion Tichy)
Crack & Patch - Ion Thichy
Intro Zak - Marcer

Enjoy here!

The rarest commercial ST game ever?

October 31, 2007 by Klapauzius

News illustration image With only 400 copies produced - Chimera - at least is a top contender for this title!

Again we have to say sorry for the long delay in getting this to the public. We know that a lot of (French) ST games collectors have eagerly been awaiting this title.

Well, finally it's available here for everyone, thanks to the efforts of dungeon.master (who managed to find the ultra-rare original disks) and Maartau (who managed to crack and patch it for newer TOS versions - the original would only work with TOS 1.0).

The protection on this game was coded by Fred Mutter, better known to Atarians as Tsunoo Rhilthy, so you can imagine that it was quite hard to remove, especially if you consider that Chimera is a very early ST game.

For you purists out there: stay tuned for the un-modified Pasti images of this game, which will soon surface from the depths of the Beast's cave. (read: dungeon.master will soon release them on Atari-Forum! :-) )

Get it here and enjoy. (if you can ;-) )

Atari Legend at the Retro-gaming Connexion in Paris

October 25, 2007 by muguk

News illustration image Well, not all of us obviously but Brume, Mug UK and dungeon.master all made it to the annual Retro-gaming Connexion which is held just outside Paris.

Whilst there we'll demo our latest releases including our major release which is the English translation of the Lankhor classic, Black Sect. This was a biggie and 95% of the work was done by Klaz. Pity he won't make it to the show but maybe next time ...

Mug UK attends also with a colleague from the JagFest forum - GazTee - who brought his Jag VR Helmet with him as his "show n tell" offering.

Mug UK & GazTee would like to thank Brume (and his girlfriend) for putting up with us two 'Ros Bifs' for the weekend. Merci!

Oldckool: a megademo in DCK that kicks ass!

October 22, 2007 by Brume

News illustration image Do you think you've already seen all DCK demos? Are you tired of this kind of production? Please don't leave now!

Tomchi (member of NoExtra) has transcended the limits of The 'infamous' Demo Construction Kit. He managed to create many sfx supposedly impossible with DCK. The result is just awesome! He also composed 12 brilliant tunes for this demo. And last but not least, the production contains an hidden screen - not so hard to find Smiley

The demo is named Oldckool. Download the MSA disk here[/url].
Or grab the ST disk and discuss about the demo on the forum[/url]. Congratulation Tomchi!

Screenshot of Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe
Random review

What a game. One of the best selling ST games ever, and for a reason... it's incredibly addictive ! It' s a futuristic sports sim that takes something from handball, football, pinball and wrestling, and mixes it up in an unique, gorgeous blend. Every match is a rush of adrenalin from the beginning to the end...

July 10, 2001 by Lorenzo

Read the review of Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe

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Rumours say the operating system of the ST, called TOS, is short for "Tramiel Operating System".

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