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PicrossST now available

May 1, 2008 by muguk

Picross ST has been released.

They (the authors/designers/graphic artists) would like any feedback on this first 'proper' release so let them know if you find any errors.

There wasn't time to add my "flash the red border/make a noise' if you make a mistake but there's always v1.1!

AC-2008 - A good Atari weekend!

April 22, 2008 by muguk

Myself and GazTee (owner of the Jaguar Virtual Reality helmet) flew out to Paris last Friday and then travelled onwards to the AC-2008 weekend. We met up with a fellow Atari Legender, Dungeon Master, and lots of people who all love their Atari machines (of all types, not just the 16-bit ones).

A good few presentations were made and myself & GazTee's thanks go to Arethius for doing a running translation on some of them for us.

Highlights of the show were:

Picross ST - a special AC-2008 preview version was launched and a presentation given on it.

SDiskemul - a new hardware card that will allow you to store your disk images on an SD card and fool your ST into thinking it's loading up a proper disk. The beauty is that the same card also works on Amiga, Amstrad CPC and Atari XL/XE machines too.

Jagware's CF card - a proper development tool for the Jaguar can only mean lots more games to be released. A competition was set for someone to write a game for the Jaguar using this card in 24 hours - and it was completed too!

Kradd's new game - as yet unreleased but a demo of it was on view and a small presentation given (with Arethius doing the translation for the French audience)

Our thanks go to the organisers of the event for all the hard work and fun competitions - and not forgetting the food. Well, OK, except for my total dislike of Brie cheese as it smelt (almost) as bad as my trainers do after a day on my feet but everyone else loved it!

I sure hope to be at the next event which is planned for sometime in October.

Meanwhile there are tons of photos and video clips doing the rounds but I'll just link you to the main forum for AC-2008 which is collecting all the links - which reminds me to put my own photos up a.s.a.p!

Some good news but yet some bad news ..

March 5, 2008 by muguk

First the good news - we've set up a mini-group with some willing volunteers from Atari Forum to help tidy up/fix the errors in the Atari Legend database. A full list of all the bugs quashed will have to wait until they're *all* done but with the help of bullis1, unseen_menace and Dal_1978 (especially his PHP skills) we're quashing away!

Some bad news - part 1. Brume has retired from Atari Legend, Atari and retro-gaming in general. It's been coming for a long while due to the politics within the 'scene' and other personal issues. We're all sad to see him go. But life is life and you got to go out there and enjoy 'real life' at some point! Best of luck to Brume in whatever he does from now on - especially learning the bass guitar. The door will *always* be open for you should you ever want to come back ......

More bad news - part 2. We're all taking a long earned break here in Atari Legend. The site is, however, staying exactly where it is so don't panic! We're hardly likely to throw away almost 5 years worth of work now are we!

What we're up to at the moment:

Mug UK - I'm slowly wading through and cataloguing, PASTI'ing and scanning in the boxes of my sumptuous originals collection (oo-er!). Not run out of room yet... but the scanning etc. has kind of taken a back burner now I'm on Xbox Live and enjoying modern gaming Smiley

Klaz is working on other projects (mainly his h/drive & Falcon patched games) as well as other mini-projects here and there.

Marcer is still working on his Game DVD and his work for Elite in 2008.

Maartau is returning to his Empire resurrection project as well as helping Marcer out with his Game DVD.

DM - still buying originals for preservation. Hopefully he'll be at AC-2008 along with Maartau.

ICS - also semi-retired as more into creating subs for anime films

Goldrunner - continuing with his Guardians Of The Past project.

ST Graveyard - busy restoring classic sports cars!

Shredder - not enough hours in the day for him to get everything done he wants to do. He's still promising he'll MSA up the 1100 disks from a Belgium PD library ... one day.

Champions_2002 - still helping hack away at the AL database and fixing entries etc.

Some of us will be at the AC 2008 in the outskirts of Paris next month if you're in the area. I'll also be at the first e-Jagfest in Italy in July (which will be more like an all-forms-of-Atari event judging by what the hosts have been writing on the Jagfest.org BBS) and I'll (hopefully) also be at the EuroCon 2008 in Germany in October - dates as yet unconfirmed for this event.

This isn't the end of this site as it will keep on going - as per the good news above, expect a full list of all the bugs that have been fixed sometime soon.

As for it being the end of Atari Legend (as in the game-releasing side) - who knows?

Chrono-Logique De La Revolution Fran├žaise

February 26, 2008 by muguk

It's OK, we were only sleeping! Here's another French educational classic from Atari Legend. It's been in our vaults for many a full moon!

It runs in medium res or high res and the funky medium resolution intro was coded by Bod/STAX for us.

Full credits go to Maartau for doing the business and getting this title working on multiple machines. Get it here!

More Presents from Atari Legend

December 25, 2007 by Marcer

News illustration image As promised yesterday.

Here are the final gifts from Atari Legend this year(!?).

Cracking, Patching, Trainers & Compiling done by:
Avenger, Brume, CB, Dungeon.Master, Fred_R, Maartau, Marcer & Mug UK.

Intros from these crews:
Cerebral Vortex, MJJ Prod, NoExtra & Stax

Thanks a lot guys! You have done great coding/GFXing and SFXing (Marcer, Tao and Mad Max) .. hehe.

Titles presented today are a mix of games and even more French-education ones - because we know you love them!).

- Essex Enjoy!

- Division One 92 Enjoy!

- Histoires de Villes Enjoy!

- La Bosse Des Maths 3e Enjoy!
- La Bosse Des Maths 4e Enjoy!
- La Bosse Des Maths 5e Enjoy!
- La Bosse Des Maths 6e Enjoy!

- Maths CM Enjoy!
- Ortho CM Enjoy!

- Orbit 2000 Enjoy!

- Dungeon Master data disk - Tomb of the Firestaff Enjoy!
- Dungeon Master data disk - Tower of Chaos Enjoy!

- Ultima 4 v1.1 French Enjoy!

- Vegas Craps Enjoy!

Merry Xmas & Happy New year from all of Atari Legend! 2007-12-25!

More Xmas Presents

December 24, 2007 by Marcer

News illustration image Atari Legend's Xmas 2007 Theme is: Education Doesn't Stop During Xmas for every French speaking (or learning) kid around!

Here we present you some of the very rare Coktel Vision French Educational Tools and Games.

Now your Atari can transform into a French school for the kids!

All these titles are:
- Bug fixed (the originals weren't working properly on many TOS versions!)
- Falcon compatible
- HD compatible

- Bug Fixing, patching & cracking by Klapauzius!
- Intros By MJJ Prod!

ADI 3e - Environnement - Anglais - Francais - Maths

ADI 4e - Environnement - Anglais - Francais - Maths

ADI 5e - Environnement - Anglais - Francais - Maths

ADI 6e - Environnement - Anglais - Francais - Maths

ADI CE1 - Environnement - Francais - Maths -

ADI CE2 - Environnement - Francais - Maths

ADI CM1 - Environnement - Francais - Maths

ADI CM2 - Environnement - Francais - Maths

Please note that you will need an environment disk before you can use the data disks (French, Maths, etc.).

More will come tomorrow - unless I have a bad hangover Smiley

Merry Xmas to everybody from Atari Legend!

Screenshot of Driller
Random review

Driller really is a concept game. While there are numerous puzzles, there's very little consistency in the way that things behave, between them. It's also difficult, by sight, to figure out which cube is something you need to activate by shooting, and which is merely part of the scenary or a step to climb on.

August 13, 2005 by JamesRC

Read the review of Driller

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