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Super Cars II

Super Cars II



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1991 by Gremlin Graphics


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The Paranoid
This time, there's almost more fighting than racing, making this game a lot more unique than Super Cars I. Again, graphics are mixed but the soundtrack is nice.
July 2, 2006
My alltime favourite when it comes to racing games!
Graphics look a bit dull but the gameplay makes so much fun that you won't notice.
A very cool game in 2player mode on splitscreen.

I recommend this game in any case! Smiley
September 3, 2004
ST Graveyard
After the release of Super Sprint a lot of top down racers followed. Gremlin Graphics did their share with the Super Cars series. The sequel is a great game. This time you had the opportunity to add waepons to your car. After each race you would enter the shop and you could start buying all kinds of bombs and guns. The game features loads of tracks, great, typical Gremlin tunes and a fantastic 2 player mode. Hours of fun guaranteed!
June 13, 2004

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