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1991 by Ocean



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A fantastic conversion from the arcade to the st, would say its probably the best arcade conversion on the machine and still very enjoyable to play today.
October 21, 2022
ST Graveyard
Excellent comment, Bullis. Made me think of the good ol' days there Smiley

Toki is indeed an excellent game. And even though it is difficult and can be a frustrating experience, this is one I played over and over (but never made it far into the game). A definite classic in my book!
December 16, 2006
Top notch awesome game. A big hit in the arcades, a big hit on the ST. Great port with good graphics, great music, and dynamic gameplay. You can aim your shots in any direction, bounce on enemies, climb, crawl, etc. The game gives the player alot of freedom of movement, and there are multiple ways of solving each puzzle or escaping each trap/ambush. Also note that this is a very difficult yet very addictive ("just one more try!"Smiley. You will die alot, but like like most good arcade games memorization and innovation is key. The game is played on a strangely small screen, but it never seems to detract so that's okay. Also, the scrolling (it's pretty smooth) sometimes fails to keep up with the player, and on a few occaisons the screen would simply fail to scroll and I walked off the screen and died! This is rare though. Enjoy this game!
December 15, 2006

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