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1988 by Psygnosis



Picture of Brian Watson
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Brian Watson was the coder of the ST version of the game Lemmings. He was also responsible for the conversion of the classic game Menace. He worked as a contractor for DMA Design. Read here how Brian feels about the so called "bad" conversion of Menace and how it all started in the good ol days as a game programmer ...

September 27, 2004 by ST Graveyard

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The ingame palette is a bit ugly, really CGA-style to be honest but the game itself is quite nice. Scrolling and sprite animation are smooth, the ship responds well to the controls and the game has a nice soundtrack as well as some digi sound.
For ST standards, one of the better horizontal scrolling shooters. If you don't mind the ugly choice of colors, a nice enjoyable blast.
The Automation crack saves highscores to disk which is a feature not all games have!
7/10 - compared to other crap on the ST I can really recommend taking a look!
September 30, 2004

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