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1988 by Hewson
1990 by Action 16



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John Phillips strikes again!

I personally think the music gets annoying after a while but the game is ace and very playable!
March 15, 2006
The Paranoid
It looks fantastic, it sounds good and plays even better.
If you think there were no good 3D shoot'em ups before Tempest 2000, think again.
March 5, 2006
Like a fine French wine this relentless 3D shoot-em-up has aged extremely well.

You play the role of the 'Eliminator', and must speed through each level avoiding obstacles whilst obliterating ALL before you. The gameplay is fast but smooth, and the visually attractive gfx really do serve to draw you into the game. However, it is the music which is the true 'hearbeat' of this game. Like a battle cry on the fields of war you can't help but feel ready for action when the music 'kicks' in at the start of each level. All alien lifeforms beware Smiley.

In addition that game also boasts enough diversity - including a nice array of weaponary - to ensure that just like that mischievous scamp Oliver Twist you too will always go back for more!

Verdict: This represents the pinnacle of 3D shooters for the ST (yes, its a Legend).
August 11, 2005

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