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Cyber Assault


1991 by Trojan Software


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While it's not true-3D, this is probably one of the best first-person shooters on Atari ST. The graphics are very good, the game is well-presented, and it is fun to play.

Your movement is orthogonal (like in Dungeon Master or Captive) but the enemies can run/fly freely. You would think this would make it hard to hit them but you can aim anywhere on screen. Nice eh? It's a great method. You can use your keyboard to move and strafe and your mouse (or a rare lightgun accessory) to aim. Maybe this game is a pioneer of the classic kb&mouse combo used in every FPS game nowadays?

The weapons available to you are varied and satisfying to use. Powerups abound in this game. The best feature however is that you can bounce your shots of the walls, floor, and ceiling. You can really cause some chaos. Most enemies won't go down with just one shot and you are often approaced by large groups of bots so "spamming" a room with lots of bouncing projectiles is a necessary and fun tactic. You will also need to be good at dodging and aiming however.

My complaints? The graphics for all levels are merely palette-swapped versions of the same scenery. Also, the doors take a little too long to open.

Overall this is a very fun shooter with a nice intro sequence, great features, and decent sound. It's very well coded and it's a shame that the programmers of this game didn't produce more titles on the ST. I recommend Cyber Assault.
September 30, 2008

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