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1989 Ozone



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In 1980, Sir Clive Sinclair released the cheapest homecomputer ever made, the ZX80. Mr Sinclair was on a mission. He wanted to teach a generation how to program a computer. And it was a success. Nick Harper is a prime example. He started out on the ZX Spectrum, went on the create one of the best STOS games on the Atari ST and today he is a successful game developer who has worked for several big companies like Sony and Ubisoft, with numerous triple A titles on his resumé.

June 1, 2018 by ST Graveyard

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I do like this game but the framerate just seemed a bit too slow for my old eyes. Dunno why... but I always wondered how a STe version might have turned out as this game (as is) is great.
June 23, 2018
I still like ozone. The levels were quite nicely design. I've completed the game but has anyone else completed the game.
August 23, 2008
ST Graveyard
I remember this game came with the first ST Format I ever bought. A very nice surprice. It looked good for a non-commercial one ... But it got boring pretty fast ...
September 10, 2004

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