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Captain Dynamo

Captain Dynamo



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1992 by Codemasters




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Hmmm, does this game even have sound effects? I have never heard anything but music, and I am pretty sure I have tried pressing every key on the keyboard to switch to sound effects.
January 10, 2007
Amazingly slick and professional game. One of the best platformers on ST and gives a good challenge. You won't be dissapointed (unless you're really really picky). It should also be noted that this game has great music.
December 1, 2006
This is a stylish vertical scrolling platformer in the style of Rick Dangerous, and with levels boasting both exquisite cartoonesque graphics and nice sfx/music is very impressive indeed.

Gameplay is slick but straightforward, and involves avoiding baddies (although you can jump on them 'Mario' style if you wish) and solving puzzles in order to progress through each level.

Despite the simple concept the game is never boring, indeed it proves fiendishly addictive with the old adage of 'just one last game' being stretched to the limit and beyond.

Verdict: In a genre that is not short of games this proves one of the best
August 10, 2005

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