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B-17 Flying Fortress

B-17 Flying Fortress



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1993 by Microprose



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ST Graveyard
Was I happy when I read B-17 was goin' to be released on the ST. This is a great flight simulator. From the moment the beautifully drawn intro pictures are shown, and the music starts to play, you are dragged in some kind of Memphis Belle atmosphere (I'm talking about the movie).

The thing that made B-17 stand out from all the other sims was the fact that you could take a seat at any place in the plane. Meaning ... If you were an action fan, you could take the tail gun seat for example. If you wanted to fly, you could be the pilot. Or you could be the guy to drop the bombs. It was all possible.

The graphics were also really nice and detailed. Although there was little to be seen on the ground. I remember really liking the smoke effect when you (or an opponent) got hit.

A very good game, even if the frame rate was a little less sometimes! Recommended.
September 11, 2004

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