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AL Mobile

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Did you know Atari Legend is fully responsive and mobile ready? You want this site to behave like an app on your phone or tablet? Simply open the site in your favorite browser and look for the 'Add to homescreen' button. In Safari on IOS, first press the 'share' icon, then the "Add to home screen" pop-up appears. In Chrome on Android, you press the button at the top right, and select 'add to homescreen'. Once you have done this, the famous Atari bee fits nicely on your homescreen and you can enjoy AL with the tap of a finger.

Screenshot of Live And Let Die
Random review

And oh boy, you WILL need skill and luck! You control the speedboat using the joystick, use the fire button for the machine gun and the ALT key for missiles. Right from the start you will notice there is A LOT going on in this game. The waterway is just filled with obstacles like rocks, mines and logs. Apart from this, we have enemy boats, rocket-firing turrets on the side and bullet-spewing planes in the sky. If you hit a rock or mine, you explode. If you collide with an enemy boat, you explode. If you get hit by incoming fire, you explode...

January 13, 2019 by ST Graveyard

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Did you know?

Epyx created a handheld system called the "Handy". It was purchased by Atari and renamed "Lynx".

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