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Bad Company


[no date] by 16-bit Pocket Power Collection
1989 by Logotron



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Space Harrier with tactical elements. You're stuck on foot, but you can use the scenery as cover, and control your advancement.

There are many characters to choose from. They are all quite different except the two traits they all share: They are all cyborgs, and they are all bad. Bad in a good way, of course.

Some of the best scaling you'll see on an old ST game. The graphics are a hell of a lot better than any of the Space Harrier games available for the ST. Plus it has neat effects when you destroy the nasties. They burst into flying shrapnel as if they were made of ceramics. It is awesome.

The game is mostly silent, except for the tune on the title screen and the gun shots and "poof" sounds in the game. YM2149 to the max!!

So is Bad Company "bad" in a good way? Well, I'll say that it's "okay" in a bad way. It's mostly great except for the soul-crushing boredom.
March 9, 2007

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