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1991 by Storm



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First things first this is a game which kept me on the Atari for ages.

The object of this game as with other Atari games like Bubble Bobble was to kill all the enemies with what ever power you have. The good thing with this game was the ability to create ladders or should I say one ladder at a time. Some of the enemies look like bean bags but the most weird thing was once you collected all the items in the level the enemies turn into something which looks like angry tomatoes.

The two player option makes this game even more popular.

This game has got to bring a smile to your face.

October 22, 2009
The best arcade port you've never heard of (at least in North America).

Super fun (and addictive), unique game mechanics (you grab enemies and bash them into eachother) happy tunes, cute sounds, and fast gameplay. It also has a classy graphic style that looks like the backgrounds were coloured with pastels or markers. This wouldn't be seen again until a few years later in games like Kirby 3 and Yoshi's island (both on SNES), or the Yoshi and Kirby games on N64. Now that's some spiffy (useless) trivia for you.
December 6, 2006
I think this is one of the best arcade conversions on the ST. Mainly because it doesn't have any scrolling Smiley
Totally brilliant. I have played this a lot when i was a boy and still remember it among others like Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid and Dynablaster Smiley

Graphics 9
Sound 7
Gameplay 9
Overall 9
July 23, 2006
Different but somewhat like Bubble Bobble...I like it!
March 15, 2006
ST Graveyard
I completely agree with Paul here. This was one of the few games my sister actually liked to play! Another cutesy platformer like Bubble Bobble, and to me, certainly not less fun!
August 9, 2005
paul thompson
This is a great two player game and one that your other half would enjoy. I remember spending countless hours in the 80\'s playing this with by future wife. In fact I blame this game for me having to get married Smiley
July 30, 2005
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute and violent! Smiley
April 14, 2005

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