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Oh No! More Lemmings

Oh No! More Lemmings



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1991 Oh No! More Lemmings [Stand Alone Version]
1991 Oh No! More Lemmings [Add-On Version]
1991 Oh No! More Lemmings [Add-On Version]
1993 Oh No! More Lemmings [Special Edition Double Pack]



Picture of Brian Watson
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Brian Watson was the coder of the ST version of the game Lemmings. He was also responsible for the conversion of the classic game Menace. He worked as a contractor for DMA Design. Read here how Brian feels about the so called "bad" conversion of Menace and how it all started in the good ol days as a game programmer ...

September 27, 2004 by ST Graveyard

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To start things off this was the game I got one Christmas a long time ago.

Oh no more lemmings was a sequel to the original lemmings game which ended up a brilliant game. Same graphics then again different. The reason I say that is as you see yourself when you play it the different style landscapes. Comparing it to the last lemmings game you get five difficulty levels instead of four. The game takes a massive step compared to the original game the reason is the Tame difficulty is really easy then the next difficulty up is crazy which starts off hard. I manage to complete oh no more lemmings but you must beware the havoc levels can get frustrating.

The two player is still alive with me been playing it with my dad recently using Steam st emulator. You get 10 levels in the two player mode.
September 12, 2009

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