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Magic Boy

Magic Boy



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1993 by Empire


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This game is a vertically-scrolling platformer. It looks, plays, and sounds great. I don't find myself popping this disk into my ST as much as Dynamo however.
December 6, 2006
ST Graveyard
This was one of the final commercial releases on the ST. And personally I thought this one was really good. I got a one level demo on an ST Format cover disk and must have booted it dozens of times. Magic Boy is a cutesy platformer in the vein of Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands with slightly more depth. It is not as good as those mentioned classics, but still a lot of fun if you like the genre.

Graphically, this game is stunning as well. The colors are just wonderfull. The digitized music sounded sickly sweet.

In conclusion, a really worthy release ... You just have to be in the right mood ;-)
August 9, 2005

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