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1987 by Microdeal


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A version of this game by Klaz that runs on all machines - Mega/ST/E/Falcon030/TT compatible / 8/16 MHz / HD compatible / 512KB compatible and features a trainer / high score saver / memory snapshots / quit option is available at here. Minimum memory requirements: floppy: 512KB / hard disk: 512KB
November 10, 2008
Great for it's time. I really respect this game. I don't find it much fun to play now, but I still love the music by Rob f'ing Hubbard! The voices are pretty awesome too, with their obvious U.K. accents.

Should be re-released with the subtitle "GoldRESPECTer" and they should also get Rob Hubbard to put "Zoolook" in there and then this game would be flawless.

Oh I forgot to mention that it's really easy to run into obstacles because everything on the background is the same colour. That's a minor gripe.
February 2, 2007
Awesome game - one of the first games that did prove it was possible to do smooth and slick games on the humble ST.

Enough said - Goldrunner is one of the 10 alltime classics on the ST. If you love shooters, go get it!
June 8, 2005
paul thompson
One of the best vertical shooters ever made! Super fast and perfect up and down scrolling, the way the ship flip
February 24, 2005
Insh Allah
The very first game I remember playing on my ST. Superb scrolling, amazing, smooth, graphics and great sound. During gameplay a digitized voice would pipe in at times: "Good shooting!", "Watch out!" or when you finally bought it "Don't fail now..." in a really sad voice.

No game after this one ever got me hooked as much again. Before there was Sabotage on the Apple ][ where it was extra fun to shoot the chute off a paratrooper and have him crash on top of one already on the ground, after Goldrunner there was... well... I don't recall.

Whenever I felt tense, I took it out on Goldrunner - far cheaper than therapy. Smiley Who said violence isn't functional? Smiley The tagline of the game: "If it's still, shoot it. If it moves, blast it." Amen to that!
October 18, 2004
ST Graveyard
Oh man ... Goldrunner might not be the best game for the ST, but it sure is cool. This game was (and still is) so slick for its time. My dad even played it (and that is saying a lot). Super smooth scrolling, great animation! And just the best soundtrack ever to accompany a computer game!
July 4, 2004

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