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Defenders of the Earth

Defenders of the Earth



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1990 by HiTec Software


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Ahhh, my alltime favourite cartoon series - and it had its own game!

Story is simple: mean evil Ming the Merciless has kidnapped the young Defenders, Rick, Yeddah, LJ and Kishin. Now Flash hurries to sneak into the fortress to rescue them with the help of other Defenders who offer all their talents.

Basically a shooter. You run around as Flash Gordon, shooting the baddies. Sometimes you approach doors and pits where you call the other Defenders for help.

Flash jumps a bit strange and slow. Action is generally a bit too fast and sometimes even unfair, there are few powerups and one needs a quite some luck to survive...but one can beat the game without cheating. I remember getting to the last boss, score was about 80000 points.
Make sure to approach the first boss with at least 2 lives left. I never managed to get past that one without loosing a life!

If it wasn't about the DOE, I would say shit shit shit. But the DOE theme makes me come back to it from time to time.

It can be an enjoyable blast for 2 or 3 gameovers but certainly not a game to spend a whole afternoon on.
June 8, 2005

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