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1993 by Gremlin Graphics



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paul thompson
I always felt it was a shame that this game was always labled the sonic beater for computers. In its own right it is one great platformer, colourful, fast, and very playable. Gremlin really did do an excellent job and nearly everthing is tweeked to perfection. But even now, nearly twenty years on people still remember the sonic connection. It should be remember for what is is now, a great plaform game!
July 30, 2005
Nice jump'n'run. Really no Sonic but a good game anyways.
STE owners get more colours and better scrolling.
September 3, 2004
ST Graveyard
I remember first reading about Zool in a Dutch game magazine. It was the Amiga version of the game. They called Zool the Sonic the Hedgehog for the home computer! After reading that quote, I anxiously awaited the announced ST Format demo. When I finally played the game, I was impressed. Zool was colorful, fast and fun ... But no Sonic!
June 13, 2004

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