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Tom & Jerry 2

Tom & Jerry 2



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1989 by Magic Bytes
1989 by Magic Bytes
1989 by Magic Bytes



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Tom and Jerry 2 is one of the worst video games I’ve ever played in my entire life. Shame too, for having such a beautiful intro and game over screen with graphics that aren’t that bad. The culprit: game control, or lack thereof.

The game itself is a nightmare to play. You (Jerry) get 900 seconds to collect all the cheese, only Tom is amped up on some white catnip that makes him manically rabid in attacking you (successfully) every 10 seconds. And to think, this is a sequel! Haven’t played the first one but not sure how we ended here and how this game was ever released.

They would have been better off making an Atari ST cartoon to watch than to attempt playing.
October 18, 2022

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