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Space Racer


1988 by Loriciel
1989 by Loriciel


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Race a flying tricycle in "space." Well, you actually race on planet's surfaces, not in space. This graphically rich (for the time) game is similar to most racers on 8 and 16-bit except for two things: You can control your altitude, and you can ram your oponents. If you bash them from the side or from above, they DIE. However, the best strategy is to stay in the middle of the road, and then wave after wave of racers will crash themselves into the roadside scenery, leaving their family without a husband or father.

The sound effects are pretty convincing, and sound just like a real vocoded vacuum cleaner.

This game is average. The controls and graphics are good, the sound and gameplay are lacklustre. You can get a pretty good sense of speed, but the altitude-control aspect of the game is not fully realized. The best part of the game is really the nice colours, and seeing nameless guys in helmets splatter themselves on a billboard rather than attempt to pass you.
May 7, 2007
The Paranoid
The german magazine "ASM" reviewed this game and had a few pictures as well. As a matter of fact, their screenshot of the title picture said "Cracked by 42-Crew" where the "(C) Loricels" should be.

It had no serious consequences for the magazine, but the following issue had quite a few angry mails by readers asking why a magazine that constantly reminds people to "buy" games obviously reviewed pirate games.
December 28, 2005

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