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[no date] by 16-bit Pocket Power Collection
[no date] Electronic Pool
1987 by Microdeal


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Electronic Pool, is your typical attempt at a pool/snooker simulator on a computer, and as such has all the usual failings. These include unconvincing geometry/kicks/bounces and a general realisation that there is little to no point in these types of games.

However, that said the masochistic streak within me brings me back to this game from time to time - but only time to time. This is because extended periods of play have you punching the walls out of sheer frustration and exasperation and may ultimately cause cerebral meltdown.

<<<N U R S E -- T A K E -- M E -- B A C K -- T O -- M Y -- P A D D E D -- C E L L>>>

gfx: poor/average (but to be realistic what do you expect from a pool sim!)
sfx: poor/average (see reason above)

Verdict: Worth a try, but it will surely drive you L o O p Y
August 14, 2005

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