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Island Strike - The Ultimate Conflict


1996 by Non-Commercial


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We have had a lot of great creators in the Atari ST PD scene. But when you ask me personally, two names immediately come to mind (thanks to ST Format), Dave Munsie and Tony Greenwood. Tony is the legend behind the STOSSER diskmagazine and that he only used STOS for creating his wonderful games and products on the ST. Read more about the man's fascinating history and also make sure to check out the complete documentary.

October 20, 2022 by ST Graveyard

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This game was given away in an ST Format cover disk and it was quite enjoyable. However it was hard coded for A: and that was kind of annoying. It is also a hard game. Basically you fly over an island and you have to rescue some hostages while trying to avoid incoming bullets coming from tanks, boats, turrets etc. Technically it's OK with humorous graphics, as one would expect from a Stosser Software production, and some nice sound effects. Overall it's a nice game and it's worth a look.
October 30, 2006

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