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1994 by Non-Commercial


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Miles and Patrick Lord are two self taught game creators. Born in the 70's, they grew up with Sinclair machines and of course the Atari ST. They started to hack games on the mighty ZX Spectrum before dabbling into 16bit assembler. On the Atari, they created the amazing Droid. But it didn't end there. If you want to know more about the history of one of the best free games ever to grace an ST Format coverdisc, look no further.

June 9, 2021 by ST Graveyard

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While this looks like an Asteroids clone, you will surely fail at this game if you play it like Asteroids. The enemies are extremely persistent and you will have to do some clever strafing to survive. The physics are very good, and the framerate and scrolling are fast. The game has a good "hardcore" feel to it, with the only thing missing is some hardcore music to go along.

This game is very difficult however, but the style and technical-impressiveness make it worth getting the hang of. Not the best of the Spiral Mile shareware catalogue, but it's still fun.
January 31, 2008

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