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2013 by OrionSoft


Picture of Cédric Bourse
Random interview

A few years ago (it seems like an eternity today), I met Cédric Bourse at a coding party over here in France. I was very impressed by his game Elansar for the Falcon and when I saw its sequel Philia, I was more than convinced this guy was an amazing programmer. I thought he was mostly interested in adventure games like Myst, but I was wrong: Orion_ (which is Cedric's nickname), has more tricks up his sleeve. An example is the amazing platformer Alice's Mom's Rescue (available for Windows, Linux, the Atari Falcon, the Jaguar CD and Android) which has quickly become one of my favorites. This game is superb and if you have never played it, check it out at once! Now Cédric has just released a brand new game called Escape 2042. After publishing a full review, it was now time to talk to the creator. Orion_ gladly agreed to share some details about his work on the Atari and other machines, the games he has created and his other projects...

July 3, 2018 by Brume

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