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Dungeon Master - Kids Dungeon

Dungeon Master - Kids Dungeon



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[no date] by FTL


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This is the first data disk for Dungeon Master released by Atari Legend.

Please note that Kid Dungeon is an official product of FTL.

It was not released on Atari ST, but on Apple II GS as an easter egg.
The player loading Dungeon Master on Apple II GS has the possibility to load this tiny dungeon by pressing a special key.

A great Dungeon Master fan, Gambit37, extracted the files from Apple II GS and made them compatible to Atari ST :

But the files were not used for Atari ST ....

When, i thought it would be cool, for all Dungeon Master Atari ST fans, to play this Kid Dungeon Smiley

After several tries i succeeded to ran it on a good copy of Dungeon Master provided to me by Lord Marcer Smiley

So enjoy this easy dungeon, as more will be released, but some are more tough !

In fact the Dungeon Master community is still very active :


and many fans have produced customs dungeons :

But none of these can be run directly on Atari ST Smiley

None ?
Atari Legend is now able to bring them to you Smiley

I want to send many thanks to :
- all the fans who made these customs dungeons
- Gambit37 for giving me the clues for using the first dungeon
- Zyx for allowing me to use the customs dungeons

Enjoy !
June 22, 2005
This is the first of data disk, Which I belive is a good start of what more to expect.

If you never played Dungeon Master before, I suggest you start with this one.
I will not tell more. Unless, Welcome to a great world of stunning, horror, clues and
and action.
June 10, 2005

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