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Dungeon Master - Beastmaster

Dungeon Master - Beastmaster



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Story: Evil sorceror from Outer World has invaded the True World. Captured Daar the Beastmaster and closed him in mirror. Anciet One decided to destroy evil sorceror. He started to seek for four heroes. And he founded them...

Tao: he is Beastmaster friend, and want to free him.

Curpire: Beastmaster guard her animals, so she need him.

Red Eye: She is true evil, but evil sorceror want to destroy this world... Red Eye too of course, so she fights for her live

Kira: she loves Daar...

Evil sorceror can be destroyed only with ancient artifact - The Firestaff+
Ancient One promises to free Sharak from his Eagle beign... but he can be never trusted.
September 24, 2005

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