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1990 v1.1 Special
1990 v1.3d
1992 v1.4
1996 v1.5i - Falcon Edition


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beezle: r u heiko hartmann? Smiley we were in touch for a while ... or better you and scy/tscc (coder of dynabusters)
August 21, 2004
Well, that was my first game for the Atari ST and it was quite a success! After I have written some smaller games on the Atari XL (with this wonderful Turbo-Basic) I switched to the Atari ST and began working with GFA-Basic. It proved to be sufficient for strategy games and I started working on something based on the boardgame 'Risk' - only with much more complexity. The game's theme was built around the era of Cäsar (but it spans over 200 years) and I have added a lot of things to the army-bashing of 'Risk'.

The result was good enough that I played it every other day with my friends for more than two years. I received letters about this game from an 8 year old boy (3 pages, hand-written!) and from an doctor from Finland. What a pleasant experience... Smiley

You can get the full version of the game (which is free) from here:

But be warned: It's all in German!
August 3, 2004

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